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August 2021 Update: We are not offering Drum Scanning services until further notice due to a studio relocation. Flatbed Scanning and Digital to Film running as normal with minimum order quantities. Many thanks.

Why drum scan?

Put simply, there is no better way to translate the nuances of analogue film into the digital domain. The controls and precision of a drum scanner out perform any other method of digitisation.

Drum scans offer the highest detail suitable for printing. We can scan any negative or transparency film from 35mm to 11x14’ at up to 11,000 dpi resolution, producing an enlargement of up to 3000% from the original size.

High resolution is combined with exceptionally smooth tonal information and dynamic range, courtesy of the scanners’ PMT sensors, which are thousands of times more sensitive than CCDs found in other machines. They can resolve tonality in the darkest blacks and brightest whites, and bring out every last piece of information in the original.

No other method of scanning offers such refined digital files from colour negatives, transparencies and black & white film originals.

We use two of the finest Heidelberg drum scanners; a Primescan D8200 and a Tango XL. This technology, combined with our extensive experience in the industry, means we extract the very best from film.