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Ever wondered if your digital pictures could have the same beauty as those on film?

Ever needed a negative from a digital file to print in the darkroom?

Ever required duplicate slides for presentation or archival use?

We write high resolution digital files to traditional silver halide films using our LVT film recorder, custom software and calibration. Source files can be from digital cameras or high resolution film scans.

LVT recorders represent the pinnacle of film recording technology. Our negatives and positives are truly continuous tone, lacking any pixel pattern or lines, thus lending themselves to traditional darkroom printing or projection.

We image digital files onto 4x5” or 8x10” colour transparency, colour negative, or black and white negative film. Usable image area is 3.5 x 4.5” and 7.5 x 9.25”.

Colour negatives and transparencies exhibit a full tonal range, with rich blacks, crisp whites, and exceptional colour rendering. Black & White negatives offer smooth tonal transitions across the film’s available range. Our Res80 / 2032dpi negatives are suitable for up to 10x enlargement from the film’s original size. Need more enlargement? Simply increase the recorded image’s size to cover a larger film area.

This service is exclusive to Analogue Arts.